Great Graphics Mean More Media Exposure

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By: Bianca Vranceanu and Adrien Maines

Content is being published in the media on an epic scale. With all this information being generated daily, it is increasingly challenging to stand out. However, journalists share that it is always better to have images, quotes, and statistics when pitching to the media. We’ve all heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but it’s time to introduce a new phrase into our vernacular “more graphics equals more engagement.”

Why do I Need Graphics to Help Tell My Story?

The role of multimedia in an article is twofold: it helps inform and extend the story. Graphics provide context and allow for more visual dynamism, which has proven to increase engagement. Journalists found that articles with multiple graphics are six times more likely to engage a reader than text-based articles. In fact, 54% of journalists have stated that they are more likely to cover a story if graphics are supplied.

What are the Elements of Good Graphics?

  1. Graphics include action shots, statistical infographics focusing on the topic, and headshots. It’s not only about having a good story; having suitable graphics is imperative to make your content stand out and drive readership. By including graphics, a journalist will be more likely to cover your story and have an overall higher consumer engagement rate.
  2. High-quality graphics in high resolution are a must. Graphics help visually express the story uniquely and memorably, adding to the narrative.
  3. Captioning the content is essential. Your content is more likely to get picked up or shared if journalists do not have to chase down details.
  4. Cover your bases. Remember to acquire any necessary permissions and rights to the photos.
  5. Make sure the graphics match your content. The graphics you provide must make sense and align with the media source they are being published in. Working with a PR practitioner ensures that your story will be pitched to the proper journalists and supported with the appropriate graphics that make it stand out in an ocean of articles.

Bianca Vranceanu is the PR and Marketing Coordinator at Promova, an international PR company that works with different brands to enhance their offerings and exposure.
Adrien Maines is the Graphic Design + Branding Partner at Promova, an international PR company that works with different brands to enhance their offerings and exposure.

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