Our One Year Anniversary – Driven, Successful, and Thankful

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It’s our first anniversary – and what a year it’s been. We launched in 2020 while a worldwide pandemic raged. From the onset, we set out to create a company we are proud of, filled with people that share our values, win clients with whom we align, and make each day successful and enjoyable. It’s been a busy year, but a great one!

We want to give thanks for your tremendous support and for being part of our history and our future as we remain true to our slogan: Good People. Great Clients. Infinite Possibilities.

Good People
Thank you to all those who have helped make Promova a success as we move into year two. From our talented team of advisors to our passionate, diverse people, we are grateful and could not have accomplished what we have without you. In just one year, we have people in four states and six cities, all contributing to Promova’s success. It’s in our precepts and will always remain central to our culture – our people make the unassailable difference.

Great Clients
To our fantastic clients, from the first of you who put your faith in us when we started this journey, to the most recent additions who see that we’re doing things differently and recognize the value in this, we are truly thankful and are committed to putting you first every day. Promova is working with clients across multiple states in the U.S., and in Europe. We are honored that you put your trust in us to help write and tell your stories.

Infinite Possibilities
We head into year two with exuberance and commitment to continue what we set out to build. While we all adapt to a rapidly changing world, we face each day with optimism, passion for our work, and wholehearted belief that the future is exceptionally bright.

Stay tuned…we’re just getting started.

Board of Advisors

Inaugural Board of Advisors meeting to celebrate Promova’s birthday and prepare for next year.

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