There’s Gold in Them (Digital) Hills

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Published in the New York Law Journal

By Ioana Good

It’s been said that data is the new gold, and if you know how to mine it, you’ll quickly find your competition in your rear-view mirror. While Martech isn’t new, it’s evolving, and the pandemic is one of its driving forces. At the intersection of marketing and technology, implementations of Martech allow businesses to win work, interact with clients, and make data-driven decisions about investing time and money in marketing efforts. Even SMBs that traditionally did not have the resources and capital to invest heavily in Martech are now investing and adopting new tools at a record pace.

According to survey respondents to the Portada Insights Report for 2021, Martech investment increased 150% since the start of the pandemic. The investment in advertising and promotion remains at the top of the list once again. With good reason, in a world that continues to move more into the digital space, content is critical, and being found by customers and clients is becoming more complex.

More Data – A Blessing and a Curse

At the heart of Martech is the use of vast amounts of data to feed better decisions. More data offers the opportunity to have better insights into customer behavior. This provides businesses who have invested in Martech the ability to analyze and put insights from the data to use.

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