Innovate. Compete.

Prosper in an accelerating world.

The Promova Precepts

Transparency: Being honest, open and respectful.
Our Clients: Putting them first every day and meaning it.
Innovation: Placing it at the core of what we do.
Our People: Knowing they make the unassailable difference.
Environment: Fostering an inclusive culture where every person is given the opportunity to succeed.
Our Standard: Being known for doing the little things and the big things well.
Performance: Expecting and accepting from ourselves nothing short of the best.

Your Leadership Team


Ioana Good

Founder + PR Strategist

Ioana and her mom came to the U.S. with two suitcases, knowing only the words please and thank you. Having grown up under communism in Romania, without freedom of the press, she taught herself English primarily by watching Peter Jennings and Sesame Street. She graduated top of her class from Northeastern University, double majoring in Journalism and International Affairs. Her childhood experience in Romania gave her an appreciation for freedom of speech - she wanted a career that celebrated the rights she now enjoyed in the country that adopted her. After working in newsrooms such as the Boston Globe and Orlando Sentinel, Ioana spent two decades in positions centered around marketing, public relations and business development at several companies in the legal and A/E/C industries. She attended Rollins College where she received her master’s degree in Corporate Communication and Technology. Ioana founded Promova to bring her expertise to her clients and help them gain competitive advantage.

Adrien Maines

Partner + Creative Director 

Adrien is a graphic designer who loves to help people and businesses develop a dynamic brand that represents their vision. As Promova’s Director of Design Services and Partner, Adrien has worked in the marketing & branding industry for over 16 years and provides a unique perspective: a cohesive design with a marketing strategy in mind. She provides an array of strategic-driven design services, including brand positioning, new and brand redesigns, collateral materials, and website design. In addition to her work in the professional services industries, Adrien has licensed designs for companies like Bloomingdale's, Wayfair, and Milk Snob.

Bob Carilli

Technology Strategy 

Bob Carilli is a pioneer in digital marketing and transformation, focused on helping drive businesses efficiency through use of technology. Bob has held executive positions at Kelly Blue Book, and Entrepreneurship led him to Ecuador where he spent several years building, working with the Ecuadorian Military, Community Elders, and Shamans in the Amazon Jungle, Andes Mountains and Galápagos Islands.


Promova is fortunate to have an advisory board of talented individuals with a wide breadth of experience across multiple disciplines and industries. We are exceptionally thankful for their continued advice and guidance, and the contribution of creative ideas and solutions.

Dick Appelbaum

Sales and Marketing
Employee and Customer Motivation

Jackie Ossin Hirsch

Internet Based Companies
Restaurant Services

Tara Bleakley

Opportunity Capture
Client Development
Regional Market Expansion

Laura Kaminsky

Business Development Executive
Marketing Strategist
Professional Services

Dale Haupt

Business Development Executive
BD/Sales Training

Susanne Mandel

Chief Marketing Officer
Market Research
Professional Services


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