AI Use is Exploding – Companies Must Set Clear Guidelines and Expectations

By Justin Wender

Published in the Legal Intelligencer (subscriber-based)

For every article you’ve seen about AI changing the world for the better, you’ve probably seen just as many articles about how AI poses risks to everything from academia to business – even scammers are using AI to find new ways to take people’s money. Less than a year ago, ChatGPT introduced what is possibly the biggest advancement in technology since the smartphone. Their AI chat model can write pages of eerily human-like text within seconds. Since ChatGPT first came onto the scene, various other AI models have launched and people have quickly noticed the massive power they hold, for better or for worse.

In the early stages of the AI age, everyone is still learning to harness AI’s benefits and avoid its drawbacks. Right now, the best way to mitigate risk for your company is to implement a clear policy that ensures your data is safe and your work is original. Here’s how you can effectively create and manage an AI policy for your company:

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