How Covid Redefined PR and Branding Campaigns

By Ioana Good  

Published in the New York Law Journal (subscriber-based)

Over the last three and a half years, rapid changes to how customers interact and how businesses promote themselves have been paramount. Covid changed it all. Yes, there were—and are—other societal factors in play, but what may become known as “the covid era” upended the entire PR and branding landscape. Customers are constantly bombarded with information; they demand different things from companies they do business with, and now we all must think differently about promotion. 

It’s increasingly difficult to tell a unique story – think different.  

With the proliferation of social media, blogs, news websites, and other online platforms, capturing and retaining audience attention is difficult. It’s challenging to find stories that truly stand out as unique, especially when similar messages may be circulating from competitors. This is why thinking differently about your PR efforts is imperative. Creativity rules—meaning distinct PR stories and campaigns don’t follow the traditional rules. 

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