Leading with Impact

This week we interviewed women industry leaders who are Leading with Impact. These inspiring women answer questions on how their industry has changed, provide advice for women in professional careers, and discuss what young women can do to advance their careers.

Rebecca Thomas – CEO of T&T Construction Management Group Inc:

How does your industry look different now vs. when you first started?

“There are significantly more women in the construction industry than 15 years ago.  Most recently there has been above 50% increase in woman entering into the construction industry.  This is evident by the number of female applicants we see in our own company and hires.

It also looks different with the increase of proper fitting PPE that is specifically designed for women.  When I first started hard hats didn’t fit properly and struggled to keep them in place.”

T&T Construction Management Group Inc is a woman-owned premier concrete specialty contractor with over 25 years of experience. They provide turnkey horizontal and vertical concrete solutions for large-scale commercial construction projects, serving clients from the Caribbean and Florida to the Northeastern United States. For more information on T&T Construction Management Group, Inc., visit:  

Jill Huse and Heather McCullough – Co-Founders of Society54

What advice would you give to young women entering this profession?

“For young women stepping into the world of business, here is a piece of advice that we hold dear: Remember, you are not alone. The power of community cannot be overstated, and it is vital to surround yourself with a robust network of peers and mentors. This network becomes your sounding board, offering you support, constructive feedback, and at times the hard truths necessary for growth.

As co-founders of Society 54, we’ve cultivated a culture of collaboration, acknowledging that our collective strength stems from our solidarity. Through thick and thin—building a thriving consultancy, innovating a tech subsidiary (INform54), facing setbacks, or celebrating milestones—we’ve leaned on each other. But we realize that not everyone has the benefit or desire to build a business with a partner. So, the next best thing is to extend your reach beyond your immediate circle to industry experts and other networks. Wisdom, insights, and opportunities for learning are abundant when you connect with your wider community.

And remember that business is more than transactions; it’s about relationships. Forge those bonds, cherish them, rise together and don’t forget to have some fun along the way. Your individual success is amplified by the collective triumph of women uplifting women in the business world. Keep this at the heart of your professional endeavors.”

Society54 is committed to providing personalized, results-driven coaching and consulting services for the professional services industry. With over 170 years of combined in-house experience, they offer a spectrum of services from marketing and business development consulting to building client loyalty and effective organizational structure. If you’d like to learn more about Society54, click here:

Ashley Stenger – Chief Executive Officer of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA)

What advice do you have for young women who are interested in the legal marketing profession?

“Joining a professional organization like the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) immediately surrounds you with brilliant industry professionals and a strong support system as you embark on your career. LMA personifies the saying “strong women support strong women” and our network of women in legal marketing is rich in knowledge and resources. My advice to someone entering their career is to constantly seek out opportunities to grow and take chances. The amazing women who make up LMA will undoubtedly guide you on your way.”

The LMA serves as the universal voice of the legal marketing profession, providing a forum for professionals at all levels to share collective knowledge and resources.  Learn more about LMA here:

Mary Smith – President of the American Bar Association

What initiatives or steps is the ABA taking to include more women in the legal field?

“The ABA’s 21-Day Grit and Growth Mindset Project equips women lawyers, especially those early in their careers, with the essential tools for resilience and success in the legal profession. This initiative, created by the Commission on Women in the Profession, is grounded in the science of personal development and structured with daily tasks that foster the resilience and adaptable thinking that are hallmarks of successful legal careers. But it’s about more than just cultivating traits—it’s about laying a foundation for success and advocating for transformative change within the justice system.”

The American Bar Association (ABA) is the largest voluntary professional association in the world, with a mission to promote justice, professional excellence, and respect for the law. Their initiatives aim to support lawyers and judges in their work while improving the legal system for the public. To learn more about the ABA, click here: