Over a Century of Wisdom

Our WHM #SheInspires2024 campaign comes to a close! But one last thing before we go. Today, we celebrate Gizu, Ioana Good’s grandmother who is nearly 103 and fled Romania in the middle of the night to create a better life for her family. In this video, we learn a little bit about how Gizu overcame adversity and started a burgeoning business in her 70s designing and altering wedding gowns. Several of her designs were sold to Pricilla, a luxury bridal shop in downtown Boston that grew to prominence after making Grace Kelly’s wedding gown!

Gizu worked well into her 90’s and she shares insights about leading a successful and meaningful life. She continues to inspire those around her with her determination to find a better life and pave her own path in the face of adversity.

Thank you for following Promova’s Women’s History Month campaign and celebrating individuals who are creating positive change, disrupting the marketplace, and shaping the future!


A Glimpse Into Who We Are

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