Partner with a PR Firm, Their Trusted Circles Become Your Circles

By Eric Althoff 

There are only so many hours in the day and so many business tasks on the corporate calendar. After tackling everything on the day’s agenda, more will follow. Internally, your team understands the value of their hard work, but what about the outside world? Are you getting the word out? If not, there is no better time to start doing so than now. 

Not only is having a message essential but so is ensuring that it is refined and accurately shared with the audience you are trying to reach. Accordingly, Promova provides such services as branding and brand audits. This might entail crafting a media strategy from the ground up. If your organization already has a strategy in place, revisiting it periodically may reveal that it needs to be revised to accomplish your goals to better reach your current markets.   

In public relations terms, building up your brand requires not only creating but maintaining a relationship with your audience. You have undoubtedly heard the phrase “that’s really bad PR” before. If we unpack that saying, it typically means that whoever oversees a firm’s public image perhaps did not adequately meet the corporate goals. After all, there’s a difference between “spin” and damage control. Finessing and crafting the correct message for a corporation is always paramount, whether everything is going well or the company finds itself in a difficult spot. This is precisely the type of opportunity for a PR firm to step in. 

And what if things at your business are humming along pleasantly enough? You must keep in mind that while things might be on the up and up today, there’s always tomorrow to think about. And this is business, which is all about successful growth. In addition to telling the story the way you want to, partnering with a PR firm can also increase market visibility for your company and your brand. PR firms typically maintain a roster of reporters, industry experts, influencers, and other media professionals—and it is our job to make those connections between corporations and the public and private media apparatuses. Whether that entails fashioning branded content, co-writing, or ghostwriting articles, assisting with social media content, or getting into the ear of media organizations, PR firms effectively help to drive growth. 

PR firms also increase corporate public presence by helping you build and maintain quality relationships with media organizations and various stakeholders. Everyone likes to work with people they already know and trust, and thus a referral from a trusted source is worth its weight in gold—particularly when it comes to business. This could be called a “chain of trust,” in a way:  

By building a rapport with a PR agency, their trusted circle can effectively become your own circle as well. This further strengthens everyone’s relationships and will only pay off with more dividends in the end.  

As PR firms help you achieve placements with major media organizations, the public will see your voice as not only legitimate but respected. This becomes a self-reinforcing cycle of positive possibility. Everybody wins.