Preparation is Key for Restaurateurs Who Want Media Exposure

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By Ioana Good and Bob Carilli

Published in Modern Restaurant Magazine

Let’s face it, many people find public speaking a daunting task. If you add lights, cameras, and an action-packed newsroom, it’s easy for anyone to become overwhelmed. In today’s media landscape, many interviews are taking place on Zoom which can add more complexity to the interview process. But no matter what the medium is, more often than not, an unprepared source can unwittingly squander a media opportunity while a well-prepared source will move the interview from average to exceptional! Good media coaching helps interviewees develop key messaging in advance, as well as an on-the-spot strategy during an uncertain or uncomfortable scenario. At Promova, we work closely with our clients and the media to deliver quality media TV interviews. Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate your next TV interview.

Develop key points and know your audience

No matter how complex the subject is, it’s always helpful to know your audience in advance and develop talking points so you can successfully get your message across to the viewers. It pays to invest in….to read the story in full, click here.

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