Promova Listed as Finalist for PR Daily’s 2023 Content Marketing Awards for Best Product Launch

Promova is pleased to announce that the firm has been named a finalist for the prestigious Ragan PR Daily’s Best Product Launch Award 2023. Promova is highlighted for its campaign to launch the new behavioral assessment tool, Find A Rainmaker (FAR), titled Women Influencing Technology History (WITH) and the tool. The Content Marketing Awards for Best Product Launch are given to the companies and products that best engage their audiences and compel them to action. Among the finalists chosen are Salesforce, Yale University, Mastercard, Northrop Grumman, and many other well-established brands in diverse business sectors. See the list here. Award winners will be announced at the beginning of December. 

“Seeing firms from an internal and external perspective for over two decades, we noticed that one of the biggest challenges is identifying the right people to interact with the media and be in charge of sales,” said Ioana Good, Founder of Promova and Co-Developer of FAR. “We all worked hard to help by creating a behavioral assessment tool that can help companies put their employees in the best position to succeed and build ideal teams. The fact that the survey takes under 10 minutes to complete is a true differentiator compared to other tools on the market.”  

FAR was released in early 2023 and works by placing people into one of five benchmarks based on 21 behavioral traits. These benchmarks were created using shared behaviors of hundreds of people sampled across varying industries. The five benchmarks can help firms identify candidates who work best with the media and which employees work better with analytics or other internal roles. The assessment can also predict which team members work best together based on their benchmarks and behavioral traits. The tool also identifies conflicts and helps teams to better work together. 

“I’m really proud of all the work we have done to launch Find A Rainmaker, and to have it noticed by Ragan is further validation that we’re doing something right,” said Adrien Maines, Partner and Creative Director at Promova and Co-Developer of FAR. “I think this tool will greatly improve efficiency for companies in any industry and of any size.” 

PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards celebrate content creators who best engage their audiences and deliver success for their clients. The awards, which are split into 40 categories, are open to in-house teams, agencies, and individual practitioners from private, corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. From over 200 submissions, Find A Rainmaker is one of five finalists in the Product Launch category. 

About Promova:  

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