What Legal Marketers Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

Published in the New York Law Journal

By Ioana Good

It’s remarkable to watch Olympic athletes competing at the pinnacle of their sport. While we watch these men and women compete, it’s easy to think they were born to perform at this level. But in reality, each and every one of these individuals and teams have reached this apex through hard work and perseverance, providing lessons that all marketers can learn from. What can we as marketers learn from these athletes? Plenty! Here are five tips to start.

Stay the Course

There’s a saying – hope is not a strategy. Olympic athletes don’t get to the top of their game by hoping they make the Olympic team and win the gold. They created a long-term plan for success and then worked at it every day. This path is the same for tried and true brands that we all recognize. They didn’t become that way overnight; they worked at it over months, years, even decades. Marketing is a fast-paced industry, and it is essential to adapt as you move forward, but it’s critical not to be short-sighted. Trends come and go, but if you jump on each train, it will simply derail you from your high-level goals. Don’t make sudden changes unless they make absolute sense to your long-term strategy. “It’s so important to have a long-term strategy that feeds decision-making to align with business goals, said Peter Johnson, Partner, and Founder at Law Practice Consultants, LLC.  “Often companies bounce around from trend to trend without long-term planning and fail to find success.”

Be consistent

We all have days where motivation and creativity wane; athletes are no different. What sets champions apart is that they consistently execute every day, no matter what. Every athlete will have days where they wake up and don’t feel like training, but they push past this, and it’s their consistency that ultimately delivers remarkable results. Marketing is no different. Customers buy from brands that are consistent with their messaging, motivations, and values. And in the SEO space, brands that consistently put out informative information will rank higher every time. So show up for your target audience every day.


You will perish if you are closed off to new ideas and ways of doing things. There isn’t a world-class athlete on the planet who doesn’t try new things to up their game. A few minor tweaks to how something is done can mean the difference between…to read the story in full, click here (subscriber based):